About the Coltishall Group of Parishes

We are five small village churches proclaiming Christian  good news by word deed, supporting and helping each other as we are able.  The churches are lead by our Vicar, Rev’d Christopher Engelsen and the Rev’d Keith Dignum

Church Services Suspended During Corvid 19 Crisis

To arrange weddings, funerals, baptisms etc. get in touch with

Rev’d Christopher 

We are committed to creating and maintaining  safe and happy environments for all – including children, young people and vulnerable adults. We do not tolerate abuse in any form, whether sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, financial, or spiritual, and we are committed to Church of England and Norwich Diocese’  safeguarding policies.

If you think something is not right………

2 thoughts on “About the Coltishall Group of Parishes

  1. Hi Chris. Linda Jeckells here. Thank you so much for delivering the goats milk. You are a life saver.
    If you are able to get me more semi goats milk. Say 4 a week that would be wonderful. I have cash here if that is ok with you so keep the receipts so I can repay you.
    I hope this is ok with you. Just say no if it is a problem
    Regards Linda

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