The East Window



From the top down:  Dove  – Holy Spirit;  Eagle – St.John, the Gospel Writer; Lamb and Flag – St.John the Baptist. Alpha and Omega – God the beginning and the end.

In the centre:  The risen, ascended, glorified Christ as King of Heaven (note his wounded hands and feet), on either side of him are angels and archangels.

Beneath are the Saints and MartyrsOn the left: St. John, the Gospel Writer, in red  with the “crowned I” monogram above (Latin has no J, so John is spelt with an I), with him are St. Mary, Mother of our Lord, in blue and carrying a lily; and St. Mary Magdalene, in green.

On the right: Are St. John the Baptist, in green, with the “crowned I” monogram above;  St.Alban, kneeling, in red, the first British martyr; and St.Edmund, in blue, the last King of East Anglia, shot through with arrows by the pagan Vikings for his refusal to deny Christ.

In the Centre  –  the Birth of Christ

Along the bottom of the window:  “The words “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty….” are from a song of heaven in which worshipers join at every celebration of Holy Communion.


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